Talisa Bio picMy name is Talisa An’gel Garcia the Founder, Creator, and CEO of Gjellyboo Natural Hair Care Line. The words you are reading are my own. When thinking about what to write, I wanted it to come across as being “deeply profound.” Therefore, I placed a great amount of effort reading various books, articles, etc. to help develop my voice. However, after much thought, I felt it best to just share my story with you.

I am a woman of color that has always had plenty of options when it came to hair stylists and hair care products for chemically treated hair. I grew up in a suburb of Detroit and spent my life until the time I was relocated (by Corporate America) getting my hair done and finding products that met my needs with great ease. After living in Texas for a few years, I decided to go natural. I did the “Big Chop” in the year of 2008. I found that the product offerings that I had to choose from were minuscule. I had a hard time finding a natural product line that fulfilled my needs. Thus, I used many different products from different hair care lines to accomplish my hairstyle yet barely meeting the needs that I had. Although this practice had become a way of life to me it went unnoticed for many years all while still being relocated to different states, until the day came that Corporate America relocated me to a beautiful yet rural (in comparison to other States I had lived in) place. The many products I needed to achieve one simple hairstyle, none of the stores carried. I found myself then having to order many different hair care products online from different companies which would arrive at different times…never when I needed it!! I developed a very high level of frustration and decided to make my own homemade natural hair care products, researching various ingredients that would address the needs that I had.  Shortly after strangers started coming up to me while I was working, shopping at a store, etc.  asking what I was using and sharing their needs and frustrations as well. Thus, began Gjellyboo Natural Hair Care Line.

More than a natural hair care line, Gjellyboo is a much-needed solution addressing the needs of Kinky, Curly, Coily, Wavy Hair for Men, Women & Children.

Our Mission is simple; provide an Animal-Free Natural Hair Care line superior in quality that will address the various needs “Us Naturals” often talk about amongst each other and even silently wish we had.